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“Gaffer” is a British term for the coach or manager on a soccer team. They’re the boss and they call the shots. These online programs are a tribute to our Gaffer, Graham Smith,

that we lost a few years ago. Graham had an inspiring presence and motivated players to push the limits of their potential and enjoy the game along the way.


This is the name of our parent soccer training company. A impactful phrase with deep roots. It was a favorite coaching callout of Grahm Smith. When he’d bellow “No tippy tappy!” across the pitch, it meant if you’re gonna do something, do it with confidence. It was a great lesson for soccer, and an even better one for how to live your life.

I'm Ross Smith and I’ve travelled all over Canada, the US, Scotland and England during my 10 year professional playing days and now a 10 year TV broadcast career for Major League Soccer.

I have always been obsessed to learn the best training methods to help players reach their full potential. Throughout my soccer career, I have been fortunate to meet some fantastic soccer minds that have found a formula for great success. With the Gaffer's training, I want to offer multiple programs, that offers top level guidance and training at various stages and areas of the game.

Our first program, Path to the Pros, is focused on the committed player that wants to individually improve their game. More programs to follow!!


Canadian born to Scottish parents - my soccer life kicked into gear when I moved to Scotland for a year of high school at 16 years old. That year, my eyes opened to how much opportunity there is in the soccer world and I became desperate to keep making steps forward and seek out the best opportunity.

From a full athletic scholarship in the U.S. at the University of Rhode Island to a ten-year professional career, and now, a ten-year career as a TV Soccer Analyst, I've been fortunate to surround my everyday life around this sport I love.

Whilst at URI, I earned a teachers degree, and have used the tools learned from my education, to build a youth soccer training community called "No Tippy Tappy". Over the years, we have trained hundreds of players and brought together coaches, players and parents from all over the world, to share and experience our unique group and training.

I'm incredibly fortunate to of formed a remarkable soccer network. Individuals that work within the game from many different angles (players, agents, trainers, coaches, etc).I was lucky to always meet those who were willing to help me along my soccer path, and so, I want to open up that network to others that are starting out, or already along their journey.

Through No Tippy Tappy, and our Gaffer's Training programs, I am able to connect with soccer minds all over the world! Come join our community!!

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