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'No Tippy Tappy' Virtual Soccer Courses

'No Tippy Tappy' is a set of virtual soccer training courses hosted by current and former players and coaches in Major League Soccer. Current programs include:

• The Gaffer's Training: A path to the Pro's program that offers 50+ exercises, 20+ full soccer training sessions, fitness session benchmarks, and fun skill challenges! Training sessions/skills are led by current or former Pro player's and Coaches, that take you through a session that they loved to do and help them become a Pro player. What better way to train like a Pro...then to hear it from a Pro?

• Coaching Recreational Soccer (Coming soon!): A program for the beginner or recreational coach that is looking for support. This program offer's 6+ training sessions that will show coaches; What to coach, Why we do it, and MOST importantly, how to manage the players. Our step by step program gives you guided videos and pdf lesson plans that are quick and easy to follow through, so you (the Coach) can step onto the training ground and feel full of confidence!!

• Building the Foundation: Learn the proper mechanics to a wide variety of soccer skills that are key for success. Understand the ins and outs of a skill, and follow a path to improve and eventually master the skill!

Individual Training Videos

If you aren’t ready to commit to our full program, you may want to choose one of our virtual soccer training videos from individual pros. We are proud to offer videos from current and former professional players that target certain skills like passing, trapping/first touch, movement on and off the ball, crossing, striking, and so much more! We offer these online soccer training videos separately for rent or to purchase. About to head down to the local pitch to work on your game, but don't quite know what to do? We've got you covered! Instead of paying $50-$100 for one coaching session, 'No Tippy Tappy' will give you a professional standard session for as little as $3.99!

Simone Charley’s 60-Strike Challenge – In this video, you’ll find six different exercises to incorporate into your training regimen. Learn how to shoot and strike from different areas on the field to be as effective as possible at scoring. Simone Charley is a professional soccer player for Angel City FC of the National Women’s Soccer League.

Taylor Washington’s Whipping the Ball – In this video, you’ll learn expert soccer crossing techniques, tips to become a better winger, and how to deliver the ball properly for more goal-scoring opportunities. Taylor Washington is a professional soccer player for Nashville SC of Major League Soccer.

Gareth Elliott’s Speed of Play – In this video, Gareth Elliott will teach you how to keep the pace of play as fast as possible. He will demonstrate ways to trap and move the ball to keep possession and how to plan ahead to speed up play and be faster than your opponents. Gareth Elliott is a former professional player and the current D1 college coach for the University of Rhode Island’s soccer team.

Steve Guppy’s The Art of One vs One – In this video, you’ll learn how to play in a 1-vs-1 scenario. You’ll see the skills needed to keep possession of the ball, create space against a defender, and even techniques to confuse defenders. Steve Guppy is an ex-professional soccer player and current professional coach for Nashville SC.

The Benefits of Virtual Soccer Training

Accessing soccer training online has benefits for both parents and soccer players. For parents, Gaffer’s Training keeps all prices up-front and affordable for anyone. Plus, the online soccer courses can be accessed at any time by your players, meaning you don’t have to budget something else into your already very packed schedule.

In addition to benefits for parents, the benefits for the players are endless. With Gaffer’s Training, you will be privy to training and tips from top professional soccer players, ex-professional players, pro coaches, and D1 college coaches as well. Our videos are easy-to-follow and well-organized so you can return to them and practice specific areas of your game.

Our videos are designed to break down all soccer skills from the most basic to the most difficult and help you work toward mastering them. We will help you take your soccer ability from any level and improve to where you feel comfortable trying out for high school, college, and beyond. Our pros offer tips during their virtual soccer training videos that will be applicable to your game at every level

Start Your Virtual Soccer Training Today

If you’re ready to take your game to the next level or think your child would benefit from our online soccer training, start by purchasing access to one of our videos. Once you do, you’ll own your access forever, with no subscription or ongoing cost. Return as often as you’d like to improve your play for months or years. Gaffer’s training is a program that players and coaches can benefit from through elementary to middle and high school soccer, then to college and even professional leagues. You’ll enjoy Gaffer’s Training for as long as you have a love for soccer.

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