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Want to know how you stack up against the pros?


And the drills they find most essential to their success?


Former 10-year pro and MLS television analyst Ross Smith enlists an awesome collection of passionate pro players, NCAA D1 college players & coaches to take you through the training sessions they do to gain that competitive edge!

Recommended for competitive players approx. 14 years and up, looking to take their game to that “next level” - whether it be with a high school, college, or club team.

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- 15 training sessions


- 50+ videos of drills & challenges

- 50+ pages of printable PDF's

  explaining the drills 

- Expert instruction from 10+ pros,

  D1 players & coaches  

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entire course for $39.99 USD - 

the same you'd pay for a single private practice session!

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to purchase

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ross Smith (lead trainer)

  • 10+ year pro in US & UK

  • Current TV analyst with the MLS Portland Timbers (10 years)

  • Full scholarship in NCAA D1 with Rhode Island Rams

  • Certified teacher

  • Position: Centre-Back

  SESSION summary

  • Focus on the 'all around' defender

  • Sharpness on the ball, clean technique, 'cat and mouse' defending a striker, breaking lines, heading and pinging the ball! 

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Jack Jewsbury

  • 14-year pro in the MLS

  • 1st-ever Portland Timbers MLS All-Star & 1st-ever goal scored for Portland

  • 3-year captain of the Portland Timbers

  • 5-year full scholarship with D1 St. Louis University

  • Position: Center Midfield

  • Specialist: free kicks, technique 


  • First Touch - clean and quick with every touch

  • Late runs out of the midfield - shots from distance

simone charley

  • 4-year pro in the NWSL (Currently with Angel City FC)

  • 4-year NCAA full-scholarship (Vanderbilt U)

  • Position: Striker


  • Session 1 - Movement and footwork - understand how to 'pull off' a defender, or how to 'spin' in behind! 

  • Session 2 - Striker's Challenge - 6 different types of strikes - 60 strikes in total - how many can you get on target?

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taylor washington

  • Current 7-year pro in MLS

  • 4-year NCAA full-scholarship (Boston College & George Mason U)

  • Position: Left-back/wingback


  • Crossing the ball - hitting the 'Golden Areas' 

  • How to open up the space to cross

  • Proper technique when crossing

  • Consistency! Taylor is a master! 

gareth elliot

  • Head Coach of D1 NCAA Rhode Island Rams

  • Former pro in Ireland with Ards Football Club

  • 4-year full scholarship player with Rhode Island Rams

  • Top ten all-time points record 

  • 2 appearances in NCAA Tournament appearances as a coach 

  • Notable players coached: Geoff Cameron, Danleigh Borman (SP?)

  • Position: Striker


  • Speed of play

  • Doing the simple things well

  • Gareth gives a lot of little gems and insight into the requirements needed to be at Division 1 and Pro level

  • Gareth uses future Division 1 player, Joey Turco, to jump in the session

carly copplestone

  • Director of Youth Development with Eastside Timbers (X-time championships)

  • 20+ players have gone on to college scholarships

  • Youth Coach with Portland Thorns

  • Former semi-pro player with Baselton

  • Certified Teacher


  • Session #1 - Crossing with Precision. Carly looks at two areas: 1. The Early Cross 2. Cut back cross

  • 3 elite U16 youth players from Portland, Oregon, on hand to help Carly out! Meet Shelby, Olivia and Kylie!

  • Session #2 - Fitness - Pace and Power. Challenging yourself to be as quick with the ball, as you are without! 

aidAn byrne

  • 20+ years as Performance & Fitness specialist coach 

  • Former MLS Athletic Fitness Coach with NYC FC & New England Revolution

  • Trained Frank Lampard, David Villa, Andrea Pirlo 

  • Former NCAA D1 player 


  • Session #1 - Endurance - great 3 minute blasts to help build your fitness foundation 

  • Session #2 - 'Oldie but Goodies'! Aidan challenges you with 30 second sprints. Can you make the time? 

  • Session #3 - Core work. No weights needed. Terrific insight into injury prevention, and strengthening exercises

frank bergren

  • Fitness Coach, 23 years at NCAA D1 University of Rhode Island Rams

  • Assisted in development of professional players, such as Geoff Cameron, Simon Gatti, Sascha Gotsmanov, Danleigh Borman, Stavros Zarokostas

  • Former Physical Education Teacher


  • Session #1 - Reaction Training. The Bergren boxes are a true test!! 

  • Session #2 - Star Sprints. Great fitness benchmark to see if you are at the Division 1 standard for this Sprinting fitness

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