A Day at NTT

8.15 - 8.45 am - Early Drop Off (Free of Charge)


8.45 - 9am - Regular drop off/Sign In


9 - 10.15am - SESSIONS are under way. Players are divided into their respective groups based on AGE and ABILITY (note - smaller groups within an group may be formed for players to be properly challenged while remaining with same aged players). This period of the day will heavily concentrate on individual skills, technique, ideas on different ways to use the skill and challenging each player.


10.15 - 10.30am - SNACK BREAK * PLEASE no peanuts


10.30 - 12pm - Small sided games (i.e. 1v1, 2v1, 2v2), Functional training (i.e. Striker specific - working on movement, runs, linking play) for various positions on the pitch, and competitions. 

12 - 12.45pm - LUNCH - players to bring their own lunches. Please note -  Friday is Pizza day. Please notify rossi@notippytappy.com for alternative options due to food alergy. 


Chance (for those who wish)to show off your hidden...or known...talent! (eg. music, dance, joke telling skills) Prize will be given to the best talent shown by the weeks end. For those who want to participate, they will be allowed 2 entries for the week. We're expecting some mind blowing performances!! 


1 - 3pm - Afternoon will be comprised of both 'ON' and 'OFF THE PITCH" components. * see beside for further details


3 - 5pm - LATE PICK UP (Extra Cost of $5 per/hr)

What to bring??

  1. Soccer Boots, ball & shin pads

  2. Running Shoes

  3. Water Bottle (Water Jugs provided for refills)

  4. Sunscreen

  5. Lunches/snacks

  6. Tim Bits for Coach Azza ;)

NEW To NTT 2017 Programs

EVERY YEAR the standard of playing level, quality and eagerness to learn for our players at camp increases. Thus, players across all age groups need more. More challenges, more ideas, higher expectations. We have just the Coaches to provide this and we continue to move our programing forward. 


Creating Problem Solving Players -

In the past - our mornings have been focused completely around individual skill improvement and small sided games. Now, we want to work on those individual skills to learn, sharpen and fully grasp the technique, but then put players in all kinds of situations where they need to decide how to use this skill. We want to create/foster the growth of problem solving players with the skills that we will help develop. Plenty of repetition, plenty of development, but then plenty of realistic scenerios. 


THE MORNING BREAKDOWN - The first part of every morning will work on basic skills of soccer, but that is not to say it will be at  a basic level. Sessions and exercises will be adjusted so that every player is challenged appropriately. 


AFTER SNACK - more functional specific (relevant to positions and situations on the pitch) training. For example one morning we will work on striking and shooting technique. After snack, we will add realistic elements such as runs off the ball before striking, defensive pressure, one touch finishing, link up play etc. Added in will be fun and competitive games geared towards that particular morning skill. AND SO our goal is to not only teach and become proficient in the individual skill, but to understand how to put it to use! 


Each afternoon will be comprised of both 'ON' and 'OFF THE PITCH' soccer elements.

Examples of 'ON':

  • 1 on 1 tourny

  • 3 v 3 soccer tourny

  • 6 v 6 soccer tourny

  • Soccer Tennis Tournament

  • Capture the Flag

  • Skills day

Examples of 'OFF':

  • Special Olympic Guest players

  • Social Media Training and Developing a Brand

  • Running School - developing proper running technique 

  • Becoming a Broadcaster

*NOTE - Our 'OFF THE PITCH' training is currently in the process of development and so certain areas are subject to change. This is however the direction we are heading towards. We will be firming up exact details soon! 

HALF DAYS for U6 & U8 ONLY - 

With us offering only our 1 week of camp, we will have limited spaces, and so want to make certain those spots are made available to those players who can take full advantage of our programming. Please do not hesitate to contact us (rossi@notippytappy.com) should you have any questions. 

Dress Up in your Wacky Soccer Gear for a chance to win a PRIZE!

Create your own SPORTS DRINK and please the palates of other players for a chance to win a prize!

Pizza (2 slices) + Pop/Juice for all players as we celebrate the week's hard work

Wacky Wed.

Thirsty Thurs.

Pizza Fri.