No Tippy Tappy has been a part of our family for the last five years: building confidence in our two kids, nurturing friendships and breeding a positive attitude toward fitness and competition. NTT was Kai’s introduction to organized soccer, providing him with first class skill development in a comfortable, safe and welcoming atmosphere. We are very grateful for the opportunity NTT organized for Kai to train with professional clubs in England.  It is an experience that he and our family will never forget.




Christine Chin


NTT - Brilliant, Brilliant, Brilliant! Coaches are knowledgeable, dedicated and compassionate. Training is of high intensity and made to push yourself hard. Both Alexandro and Benjamin have been with NTT for 4 years and they continue to be challenged and developed to their upmost capacity. NTT (Ross) you are truly an inspiration and great mentor to all young footballers! NTT exemplifies a total positive soccer experience.

Sandra Diloretto


Our family first became aware of No Tippy Tappy when our older son brought home a brochure from his school in 2013. Since then we have come to know, respect, and truly appreciate, NTT and its people! In my opinion, the level of soccer training is unsurpassed and equally, if not more important, the people of NTT truly care about everyone that attends their camps and programs.




Brent McKenzie


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