FLASH DAY DISCOUNT SALE IS......IN FULL SWING for 24 HOURS! (Until midnight on March 5th). 


Tell your friends to hurry and sign up Today - and when you do....make sure they enter your name in the REFERRAL section while registering, to be eligible for a Prize to be drawn on April 1st! (Prizes include your week at camp FREE)


Ok! Time to get you registered!! 
  • ALL PAYMENT is ONLINE- with special individual requests we will of course try our best to accommodate. Please send an email if you need to make a special request! 
  • if you registered with NTT in 2015, you should have a login username and password with your own profile saved in our system. 
                 Login ->  Home Page select 'NEW REGISTRATION'  -> Select the 'Paricipant' then                          Click 'NEXT' -> Go to 'SElect Registration product' -> Follow Registration                                Process    
  • New to NTT? simply create your own profile (username, password, players information etc.) and then you are all set to go:     
                 Home Page select 'NEW REGISTRATION'  -> Select the 'Paricipant' then                                            Click 'NEXT' -> Go to 'SElect Registration product' -> Follow Registration Process