NTT has had some tremendous success over the last 8 years; individually, collectively, and as a crew/company. Success can have many different looks - a personal best at "keepy-uppy" - making a new friend - seeing the smiles on the group of 20 players who attended our first NTT camp in 2009 - the pride felt by our team of passionate coaches who have given their heart to each and every NTT session. 


We'd like to share with you some of those highlights and successes; as told by our amazing core NTT Team!

Kai is a player who came to NTT barely the age of 4.  Kai's parents, Chris and Christine, were bringing their daughter Mya to camp and thought they would see if Kai could join in - even though 5 years old then was our minimum age.


While a bit hesitant- we said we would give it the morning and go from there because of Kai being so young. By the time Chris returned at lunch, there was no question that there was a very special player running about the pitches as Kai was consumed with playing and improving even then! Since then, we have followed Kai and enjoyed being a part of his great success on the pitch.


In the Spring of 2015, NTT helped arrange for Kai to link up with England Premiership clubs Tottenham Hotspurs and West Ham for two weeks of training. The main contact and organizer was NTT member Dave Rainford, who resides in East London, and was a coach for Spurs at the time. 


With Kai being invited to train at both of these big clubs, the Chin's decided to take a family vacation to England. 


In Kai's two weeks, he impressed so much that he is now on both clubs' radar - yet still only 8 years old!

The video here (above) is from 2 YEARS ago. ENJOY!


MORE STORIES TO COME...Check back soon!