Aaron 'Azza' Kerr is one of Ross's best friends, whom he first met as a teammate while playing pro in England.  When visiting Canada on holiday in the Summer of 2013, Azza jumped in to help at camps and doing so became an instant NTT hit. With periodic visits back across to Rockwood for cameo appearances, Azza became a permanent figure and main person to run all on field development and spearhead NTT's progress when Ross accepted his broadcasting role in 2014.


With such a big personality and vast playing experience, we had an idea of how big a hit Aaron would be. We pride ourselves on having a top rate 'Head Trainer' as NTT's Coaching leader, and Azza provided that something special to everything he was a part of. 


The passion, knowledge, ideas, care and commitment that Azza has shown to NTT and all families and players has been astounding. Under Azza's watch, NTT continued to grow over these past 2 years, and took us to the point where many requests came in for NTT to introduce teams. 


Rockwood FC were eager to hire Azza on to offer a home for Elite level players. Already - Azza has introduced 3 Elite level teams into Rockwood FC, become Technical Director, and has now opened his own Soccer Company - 2K Soccer - with Lauren. 


With Azza's progress into teams - NTT will be focusing in 2016 on our summer programs when Ross would be home to spearhead them. We are excited that Azza will put on the NTT kit once again at this Summer's NTT Soccer Camp. 

Dedicated to Our Past and Present NTT Crew of Coaches and caring individuals who Focus SoleLy on the development of players and characters by showing them a wonderful way of playing the game...and who have helped build the NTT Name.

We first met Sherol 8 years ago when Ross was home rehabilitating a soccer injury. Then, Sherol suggested and supported the idea of bringing back a local soccer camp to the area.


Since, Sherol has been a constant behind the scenes driving force of NTT with her relentless passion for bringing together the soccer community and seeing the joy in player's faces.


For 6 years, Sherol volunteered her networking help and ideas to NTT out of the goodness of her heart with tremendous belief into what we at NTT were trying to accomplish. 


The last 2 years, Sherol officially came on to our NTT staff as we progressed into year round programs - and is one of the main reasons why NTT has continued to grow.  She is a big part of why NTT exists and epitomizes what we are all about - bringing special people/players together. A true definition of a 'connector' who knows all "ins and outs" and "who's" of the local game.


Sherol deserves an entire website to list all she has done not only for NTT - but as well for her role with soccer in the community -  all while never looking for anything in return.  



Lauren Taylor

LAUREN has been a MASSIVE part of NTT since it's inception 8 years ago. Then, a young 15 year old with a smile that made any player feel instantly welcome, and a determined look that inspired, her innate Coaching ability was apparant. 


Over NTT's time, Lauren's passion, work rate and desire to keep charging the company forward - along with her own individual development has seen her grow into a highly sought after Coach.


Winning a scholarship grant for her idea and development of 'Finesse Football' - a program designed to empower and grow girl's/women's soccer and their characters - is a highlight amongst many in her young yet experienced Coaching career.


Over the last three years, Lauren's impact on NTT has been most felt, as she was asked to take on a prominent role as NTT transitioned into year round training. Stepping into a Head Coaching position requires not only the responsibility of designing lessons, the execution with players on the pitch, inspiring and motivating them, but as well requires being the ambassador and face of  programs. Seemingly with ease - Lauren has stepped into this role, and with it, has been a main reason why NTT has been so successful.


Everything Lauren has done - she has poured her heart into - and we are so lucky that the Gaffer one day 8 years ago suggested this bright eyed, full-of-life 15 year old to be the person to help us create and build this brand.


Now - Lauren has created her own company -  2K Soccer!

MORE Dedications TO COME...Check back soon!


Lauren Taylor

Sherol SteinbErg