Time and again we are asked, what does 'No Tippy Tappy' mean? It is an answer that can only be given by one person; The Gaffer (The godfather who started this MOVEMENT many moons ago). So Be sure to Ask Him to Reveal The NTT Secret Next time you see him!




For the last 9 YEARS, NTT has been brought to the local community, offering camps, training sessions, coaching consultation, and connecting players with soccer, social and working opportunites.  Originating on the soccer pitches of Rockwood in 2009 which saw 20 footballers descend upon Rockmosa Park, NTT in 2015 proudly trained over 300 players during the calendar year . 


With Ross Smith (Former PRO, now Broadcast Analyst for MLS CHAMPS Portland Timbers) as the driving force beind a crew of former PRO PLAYERS and TOP Coaching Talent, Ross uses his friendships in the game to help periodically bring their talent to the local area in order to provide ELITE LEVEL Coaching, Training Sessions & Mentorship. 


Ross' Professional Highlight Reel



NTT Coaches have included:


Aaron 'AZZA' Kerr       Wolverhampton Wanders FC/Walsall, now Co-Owner                                            of local 2K Soccer

Lauren Taylor             Local Coaching Talent - now Co-Owner of local 2K


 Dave Rainford           West Ham/Colchester

Carly Copplestone     Womens Semi Pro - Basildon FC

Sam Saunders           Brentford F.C. - Wycombe Wanderers 

Gareth Elliott            Linfield, Ireland / Current Head Coach of University of

                                       Rhode Island Mens Soccer NCAA Div. 1

Archie Knox                Former Manchester United, Glasgow Rangers, Everton

                                       F.C., Scotland, Forfar Athletic and Aberdeen Assistant


Chris Pozniak           Toronto F.C., Vanoucer Whitecaps, Canadian      


Danleigh Borman     Toronto F.C., New York Red Bulls

Kevin Kennedy          University of Rhode Island NCAA Division 1



...and of course the reason for NTT:


The Gaffer                   Scotland School boys International player, several semi-                                       pro outfits (ex. Jeanfield Swifts), several trials with big                                         clubs (ex. Newcastle United, Glasgow Rangers)







Looking Ahead...

For 2018 - It comes with a HEAVY Heart to Announce that after 9 years of running our NTT Camps, that we will not be running a 2018 Summer camp. 

Increasingly, with the head of No Tippy Tappy, Ross Smith, being pulled more and more away with his work in MLS and the portland Timbers, it has become More difficult to find the time for him to return home to the Guelph/Rockwood Area. 

This is just a hiatus, as we have plenty more we want to accomplish with this crew! Please do check back from time to time - and we will look forward to seeing you down the soccer road soon! 

- Cheers,